installation view

out of the darkness is a series produced in 2018 during my time working as a photographer and data asset manager for a Boeing subsidiary that manufactures surveillance equipment for proprietary government contracts. i began to experiment by photographing moments in between my assigned work- images that, despite the proprietary nature of much of my work, could be shared with outsiders without fabricating or adding anything to their original inception but rather by playing with existing light and context. I found myself drawn to this simplicity of creation, to how easy it can be to hide elements with the simple movement of the camera body. Through the process of glitching, done by manually manipulating the original appearance of an image with a scanner, i'm able to draw attention to the subconscious and conscious acts of meaning making that impact image creation, thereby revealing the many vertical layers of meaning we stack upon our visual experiences. Appearing distorted, these images gesture to us to stop and consider the accuracy of surveillance, its impact on our behavior, and a surveyor's privilege and power to shape these realities.